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Golf course
Just to clarify things right up front, I am not the Tom McBroom who is the famous Canadian golf course designer. In fact, I don’t even play golf. But if I did, it would be on one of his courses!

I’m the Tom McBroom who lives in the Pacific Northwest and is retired after a long business career spanning several industries. My purpose here is simply tell some funny stories , put a lighthearted slant on my experiences over the years, and give my (frequently unusual) perspective on various things.

I have no political axes to grind, so if I poke fun at politics or politicians it will be from a completely nonpartisan perspective. In other words, I consider all politics – and politicians – to be fair game!

Man falling down stairs

We’ve all had stupid things happen to us throughout life. I just seem to have had more than the usual.

Man thinking

I tend to see things from a somewhat slanted – some would say bizarre or even dumb – viewpoint. You be the judge.

You may find some of these items actually helpful. Others maybe not so much helpful as entertaining.

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