How to Study Like An Expert

Studying for an exam

The document below is an advice booklet that I wrote in response to an inquiry from a publishing house, back in the days when I was doing a lot of free lance writing. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons it was never published. I no longer have an interest in in submitting things to publishers (if you’ve every tried it, you know what I mean!), so I’m now publishing it on my blog for all to see.

It really is the method by which I went from a mediocre student to being on the dean’s list. I’ve updated and revised it a bit for today’s world, but the method is as valid as ever. Hopefully you or someone you know (your children, perhaps?) can use it to improve academically.

This is a copyrighted document, but if you request permission to publish it elsewhere I will probably give it. But I do ask you to request permission first.

It’s a bit long, at 20,000 words, which has resulted in a few people telling me that perhaps they need to learn how to “study like an expert” in order to read it, but I’ll leave that judgement up to you!

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